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Daily Review #12: Nothing but The Links

The Daily Review - 30th September 2011
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Nothing But The Links

A very short Daily Report today as things went a bit quiet yesterday, with nothing new of any real interest to note.

I don't THINK it has anything to do with the Kindle Fire announcement.

I've got a WPF UI that I want to make 'fast and fluid'. Too bad I've got to get a new OS to do that!

There has been a lot of speculation/demand for WinRT on Windows Phone, and if I were a Windows Phone 7 developer I'd be wondering what the heck the future held and why Microsoft were being so quiet about the platform now that Mango's out in the wild.

Given the paucity of new information 'The Daily Report' will be back on Monday, with no weekend reports unless a major new story breaks.

Have a great weekend!

Every time i hear 'Metro-style applications' I die a little bit on the inside

Today's "News" Links

OK! Goldman: Microsoft Is Getting $444 Million Annually From Android Patent Licenses (Jay Yarrow, Business Insider)
Apparently this is an empty victory :-O
OK! Microsoft Want Help to Figure Out How to Translate 'Charm' and 'App' (Palle Petrsen, Microsoft)
Like most, I found both of these terms irritating, but since Microsoft want them translated to other languages it looks like they're here to stay. Wonder if insistence on saying App instead of Application all the time is anything to do with fight over right to use the term 'App Store'!
OK! Windows 8 and Infragistics ControlsControls vendor Infragistics explain how they'll be moving forward with their various component models in the light of the recent Windows 8 announcements.

Today's "Opinion" Links

OK! RadChart for Windows 8 WinRT - A Prelude (Georgi Atanasov, Telerik)
Nothing much to see here. Mainly pre-marketing for upcoming launch of Telerik's Metro controls. But don't worry Silverlight's not dead! ;-)
OK! Windows RunTime Must Come to Windows Phone (Tim Anderson, IT Writing)
Tim is unimpressed with the number of apps and the quality of those apps in the Windows Phone 7 App Store. He thinks Windows RT support is needed to make it a development platform to love.
OK! Amazon Kindle Fire, the Silk Browser and its Impact on Web Development (Craig Buckler, Sitepoint)
Important, but not a reason to set fire to your iPad apparently.

Today's "Technical" Links

Good Read! First Look at Windows Simulator (Navneet Gupta, Microsoft)
Help with Debugging Your Metro Apps
Good Read! Enabling Frame Rate Counters for HTML Appplications (Michael Crump, Telerik)
Michael follows up his XAML-oriented post of a few days ago with changes for the HTML5 developer!
Good Read! Windows 8 Development Tip: Dispatching Calls to the UI Thread (AviP, MSDN)
A slight changes although not needed so often now that Windows 8 is all async and stuff! Make sure you also read Avi's previous three Windows 8 tips which deal with things like the missing Tab control, packaging and loading files and 'ObservableCollection doesn't work'.
Good Read! My First Windows 8 Application: Metro Puzzle (Shai Raiten, Code Project)
Soup-to-nuts walk-through of creating a Word puzzle game in Metro.
Good Read! Running the Windows Azure Tools SDK on Windows 8 (Wade Wegner)
Jump through hoops time (again!)
Good Read! Visual C++ and WinRT/Metro: Some Fundamentals (Nishant Sivakumar, Code Project)
"Using C++ to write Metro apps is the way to go because when you do that it's metal on metal!", says the author.

Today's "HTML5" Links

Good Read! HTML5: Briefing Notes for Journalists and Analysts (Bruce Lawson, HTML5 Doctor)
Devs new to HTML5 should find it interesting too.

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