Tuesday, 11 October 2011


The Daily Review - 11th October 2011
Photo © Jovani Carlo Gorospe | Dreamstime.com


.. for the deafening silence over the last week or so. I did post a quick tweet on Twitter about the unplanned absence but forgot to warn people here on the blog itself.

It was time to take a break after an intense few months in Zurich and then the Build Conference and follow-on. But the break to sort out 'real stuff' lasted longer than I originally intended (Blimey! I'm starting to get a life ;-)).

There will be a 'catch up' post on the important links from the last week ((with "XAML, HTML and MVP Hypocrisy" editorial :-O)) early tomorrow and then probably a catch-up post again at the weekend before the usual Daily Report format resumes.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. @Ian: Oh I though you ran out of steam already. ;) And it's actually quite a commitment to post a post a day.

  2. Nah. Just chasing some other bits and pieces and trying to get a new contract sorted. Next Daily Report is more or less ready, but it's taken forever to sort out 10 days worth of links, and I'm running late for a social engagement this evening so probably won't get finally published until VERY late this evening when I get back.


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